It's like family, only weirder…

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I broke out of my comfort zone in two big ways this weekend; both involving drumming. When it comes to personal challenges, those involving my creative efforts are the most difficult to engage. A failure at something coming from creativity is a personal one, to me. However, I don’t feel…Continue Reading

Walking Tall at L.A. Fitness

Wow! Amy and I worked L.A. Fitness’ grand opening in East Point today (south side Atlanta). She painted faces for children for 7 freakin’ hours and I walked on stilts for 5. The gig itself wasn’t too bad. Just walk and provide ambience to the visitors and members alike. People…Continue Reading

Today’s Memory Lapse

ARRRRGGHHH!!! I’ve done it again, only this time it’s worse! I left my clothes at home having left early for work to workout. It wasn’t a simple shirt this time, however. It’s nearly the entire enchilada. I did manage to bring fresh under garments. I also left my wallet in…Continue Reading

Old Navy Daily Apparel

Today was the second day (in a row) in which I drove to work to workout and realized afterwards that I had forgotten to bring a shirt to change into. You might imagine this to be quite embarrassing, though I did remeber to bring an undershirt. So I wear my…Continue Reading

Big Potatoes, Little Lettuce

Arrrrgh! Today’s woot[!] is a tough one to pass up. Fortunately for me, it was sold out by 7:00am this morning – a time in which I was at the gym. If you don’t keep up with the daily items, you really should. It’s a great way to blow some…Continue Reading

Blue Nails

I was supposed to have gone to the gay pride parade in Atlanta to shoot a video for one of the food vendors. A friend asked me to come make a commercial for him while he was there, though we never got our plan straightened out in time. I has…Continue Reading

MadLib Biographies

My friend, Jason D., sent me a chain-letter to fill out and send to a million people for good luck or something. I am against such things, but I like Jason and wish to at least better his luck. Instead of emailing everyone with my MadLib biography, I chose to…Continue Reading

Industrial Waste

My friend, Sean, writes today about the sludge they call coffee at his office. From some previous posts, you may recognize me as a connoisseur of sorts in the coffee realm. I loathe nasty coffee because it’s such a bad example to the bean. The worst ever was the muddy…Continue Reading

Europe Unveils the Biggest SUV Ever

A new passenger jet, the SkyPig (a.k.a. Airbus A380), was debuted recently to the excitement of European engineers and pimps. The double-decker airliner can seat 555 passengers in all ranges of comfortable seating and has boogers bigger than the Boeing 747 (not really, though it does has a huge, bulbous…Continue Reading