Today’s Memory Lapse

ARRRRGGHHH!!! I’ve done it again, only this time it’s worse! I left my clothes at home having left early for work to workout. It wasn’t a simple shirt this time, however. It’s nearly the entire enchilada. I did manage to bring fresh under garments. I also left my wallet in my car, having car-pooled with a buddy. So now I’m high and dry and I plan on playing racquetball at lunch. My business attire today consists of an undershirt (black, so maybe no one notices – though it is tight), the shorts I wore to the gym, and gym shoes/socks. Nice! They can’t even send me home, because I don’t have a car to get there. It’s just a good thing I’m not a sales person and I don’t have any customer interaction. I guess there’s a reason for that, now that I think about it.


  1. I have to keep a suit stashed in my office just in case I need to look presentable.
    It sounds like a good plan but now the suit has about 18 months of dust on it because the boss always reminds me when I need to dress up. He has known me for 15 years and has a good idea of what I will look like if he doesn’t warn me in advance.

  2. Maybe you should have a standing account at Old Navy and various other gentlemen’s shoppes whereby you can just call them up and say, ” I need (whatever) brought immediately to my office.” I’m sure you can arrange it. Or just purchase a slave to do your bidding. (A bit more difficult to arrange).

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