Schiavo Dies 14 Days After Feeding Tube Removed

It’s all over the news. Schiavo died today from starvation/dehydration 14 days following the disconnection of her feeding tube appartus. reports: “Without liquids, it could take Schiavo two to four weeks to die from dehydration.” I don’t get this though. Upon entering the office today, we began arguing about how long the human body… Continue reading Schiavo Dies 14 Days After Feeding Tube Removed

BoingBoing TidBits

Via BoingBoing, we learn of the Watsui Cow’s rather well-endowed head. Link Suprisingly, there’s very little information discovered about the watsui cattle through a quick search. I also checked the Wikipedia, but nothing there either. I’d write something if only I had found a relevant source. Also, this rather funny sign:

Hiding Spot #104

My wife, Amy, called today in a panic asking, “did you take off Balthazar’s shoes last night…where are they?” I realized that shoes would still be in my car, where he took them off himself yesterday evening. The problem is that all of Balthazar’s shoes went missing yesterday or the day before, and the only… Continue reading Hiding Spot #104

Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts

The new Industrial Revolution is coming! In the years to come (and it doesn’t sound far off from the article on, structures based on the moon and other planets will require a unique work aptitude. Many of the same skills will be necessary from our ‘trades’ crafts, though everything will be tweaked to function… Continue reading Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts

Scandinavians r l33t

The renaissance is coming for my ancestral kin-folk, the Vikings. Once pillaging coastal cities with axe and arrow, their reach is now extended to the digitally connected world. Their great Viking DSL Longships ride the Internet surf to unleash hordes upon luddites of the modern world. Wielding now, their fancy cell phones and European technilogical… Continue reading Scandinavians r l33t

SMS 2003 Health Check Results (Techie)

The health check was more or less a complete success. We didn’t actually have any real problems in our environment, though we were given some performance tuning options to resolve any that *may* arrive later. That said, the single most important piece of information regarding an SMS 2003 engineering task has been this: “The SPN… Continue reading SMS 2003 Health Check Results (Techie)

Viewer’s Guide to Spring’s First Full Moon

Just as the vernal equinox appears to be more variable than they’ve led us to believe, Easter has a similar scheduling nightmare. As it turns out, the Vatican has held rights to the position of Easter in our calendar (admittedly, theres anyway), though it is noticeably in contrast to the astronomical projections of the same… Continue reading Viewer’s Guide to Spring’s First Full Moon

Learnin’ From the Best (Techie)

Today I’m learning some new tricks in SMS 2003. Not that you want to read about that, I’m just laying the ground work for my excuse to ignore this blog. At any rate, I’ll be working with Brett F. at Microsoft to do a “Health Check” of our environment through Friday. Don’t expect anything monumental… Continue reading Learnin’ From the Best (Techie)


I was just insulting a friend at work with the classification of “varmint.” I had actually misspelled it to match the colloquial pronunciation, but I stand corrected. Andy didn’t know of what I was speaking, so the insult fell a bit flat. Upon redirection of his attention from work to more serious matters, I have… Continue reading Vermin