17th Anniversary

A youthful Amy and Ole before ideas of marriage were voiced, though fate already in motion for this eventuality.

Seventeen years ago, today, two kids started off on what would become the greatest adventure of their lives.

Having proposed to my (then) girlfriend, and her reply being in the affirmative, she then asked me, “why do you want to marry me?” Among other (certainly better) answers, I told her that I enjoyed her companionship and saw no reason to hope for something better elsewhere! It was another moment in which Fox would hear me channel my pragmatic Viking ancestry. Not a people of beautiful poetry, but of other more sturdy stuff. Thankfully, Fox knows more of what I mean than I can say, so I got the girl!

Vows made in the heart even before they were ever said aloud remain a guiding principle in our lives together. Beyond all odds, our promise to one another at such a young age holds us together and has filled our house with three wonderful children. I do not take this fact for granted, and I think that is one key reason why I can write this today.

Mrs. Gradin, you’re still as lovely as ever ~


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