Seven Nations & Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

We went and saw Seven Nations with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra last night. That was a killer show! We didn’t get to see the whole thing; we left after intermission to go tend to our sick baby. I did pick up a CD though, and Amy got a t-shirt (“got music?”). If you have an… Continue reading Seven Nations & Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Notice Anything?

You probably haven’t noticed yet, but I moved over to a real hosting service. Things should be much quicker from now on – no more waiting on images to load for you highspeed users. Sorry to have taken so long. Incidentally, if you’re interested in getting some space for yourself (maybe you’re a Gradin)… Continue reading Notice Anything?

MSI 3.0 (Update)

I finished the class Microsoft presented on MSI 3.0. It’s interesting stuff, but if you’re used to such things as RPM, it’s just catching up. Microsoft does have a nice feature coming out that is targeted to assist the gaming community. This new feature allows the original MSI installer to apply a certificate to the… Continue reading MSI 3.0 (Update)

Canon Announces the XL2

The waiting is over for the prosumer mini-DV world as Canon (finally) releases the XL2, the follow-up to the wildly successful (some would say ground-breaking) XL1S. With both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios (film-like and TV-like, respectively), variable frame rates (again, to more closely emulate film or TV), interchangeable lens (the same as the XL1S… Continue reading Canon Announces the XL2

MSI 3.0

I’m in training today and tomorrow for MSI (Microsoft Installer) 3.0. It’s pretty sexy stuff, though today we’re primarily going over MSI 2.0. I’ve used MSI packaging technologies for some time because of my deployments manually and through SMS, but now I’m getting a much better understanding as to the behind-the-scenes activity. Tomorrow I’ll go… Continue reading MSI 3.0

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Some of you know this, but others are oblivious. My mom, Vivian Gradin, was in a movie when she was a young, impressionable teenager (no, not that kind of movie). The movie’s title was, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows. Make sure you check out the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) record too – it’s a hoot!  more…… Continue reading Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

The Honda Experience (Finale)

We brought our trade-in to Honda this evening to finalize our documentation. The grounds for this, of course, were to clear up our misunderstanding about purchase price swap-outs. After talking with the General Manager, Lee Thompson, I was very speedily taken care of and the paperwork was rewritten to show an adjustment (based on my… Continue reading The Honda Experience (Finale)

The Honda Experience (Update)

Here’s the latest news in the Honda Experience. It turns out there was some unscrupulous actions occurring after all. My vehicle purchase price was changed without notification. Of course, I was a fool for signing the contract without calculating the simple interest loan values myself and backwards calculating tax, tag, title, doc fee, and sales… Continue reading The Honda Experience (Update)

IFCC: Internet Incident Free for 5 Months

This is good: Microsoft (Download.Ject PressPass) wishes to direct your attention to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) for submission of Download.Ject-related incidents. The IFCC is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). "IFCC’s mission is to address fraud committed over the Internet. For victims of Internet fraud, IFCC… Continue reading IFCC: Internet Incident Free for 5 Months