Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Some of you know this, but others are oblivious. My mom, Vivian Gradin, was in a movie when she was a young, impressionable teenager (no, not that kind of movie). The movie’s title was, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows. Make sure you check out the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) record too – it’s a hoot!  more…

Funny thing is…I have the picture that didn’t make it into the IMDB. If you want to get it submitted, it would cost you $10.00, but surely it’s worth it. This has got to be the worst picture ever taken of my mom – special thanks to the Longstreet Clinic in Gainesville for hella-skillz. Here’s an excerpt from the IMDB reference on the film:

“Mary Wickes has the film’s best bits as the bus driver, but this has none of the heart or balance of the original. A few of the gags are satisfactory, but the chemistry is not there, the plot is useless, and there is no poignancy at all. This is a sequel that should never have been made, as it had absolutely nothing to say in the wake of a masterpiece that said so much to so many.”


  1. wow…what girl was you’re mother??? i loved this film….still do. can u send a pic?? or name? what did she have to say about making the film?? stars?? shae

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