It's like family, only weirder…

Winter Storm 2005

[subtle sarcasm ahead] We’ve made it through the Winter Storm 2005 event, as the news likes to call it. The torrential downpour of ice and slush coated everything with a half inch of glassy ice. Quite pretty, though worthless to drive on. My vehicle is front-wheel drive, so it’s rendered…Continue Reading

Carcinogenic Tortellini

I reached the bottom of my leftover Tortellini Gabrielle only to find a couple of small holes in the Styrofoam container in which I microwaved the pasta. I’m guessing that by ignoring the warnings of heating Styrofoam in the microwave, the plate melted a bit and was absorbed into my…Continue Reading

Chicken Launcher

The party last night at Dan’s was fun. He had a good measure of food, which is always good for me. I spent much of the time grazing, though I was able to communicate rudimentarily between bites. Most of the people there were from Dan’s group of employees, though Ed,…Continue Reading

If I Were a Drinker, I’d be Drunk Tonight

Tonight I’m going to Dan S.’s house for a party. All family members are invited, including the children, so I’m bringing Balthazar. It should be fun. Somewhat of a reunion for me, as it’s primarily exCon’s and Separatists (read: former ConAgra Foods Poultry Group and Pilgrim’s Pride employees). These are…Continue Reading

Vent et Glace sur Lac Lèman du Genéve

Holy cow! I thought *we* had problems with ice in Georgia. I’m not particularly good with French, but my guess is that the pictures are from Lake Lèman in Geneva. Something about heavy winds up to 60mph…and considerably cold. Link: Ice Pictures

I Eat Yellow Foods

It turns out that I really enjoy eating in mom & pop establishments. I sort of always knew that, but didn’t think about it much. They’re often times more expensive than bigger chains, but for what they lack in economy, they gain in service and dining pleasure. You also get…Continue Reading

The Science of SETI

I don’t have a lot to add to this article, I just really liked it. I truly believe in other beings in our universe, and the intent to find them. If Star Trek has taught us anything, it’s that English is the universal language. That should make things a lot…Continue Reading

The Future Belongs to Chimeras

Folks are crossing animal and human genes to produce chimeras now. The goal is twofold. One; to develop stem cells for human organs without the illegal practice of stem cell harvesting in humans. Two; to monitor human development without dissecting people on the streets. From those perspectives, it seems like…Continue Reading

Industrial Waste

My friend, Sean, writes today about the sludge they call coffee at his office. From some previous posts, you may recognize me as a connoisseur of sorts in the coffee realm. I loathe nasty coffee because it’s such a bad example to the bean. The worst ever was the muddy…Continue Reading

Don’t Panic!

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is coming to theater’s in live-action glory soon! You may have seen the original movie or read the book (wasn’t there a cartoon also?), but a new movie just seems apt after the abysmal 1982 rendition. Since Adams’ untimely death in 2001, proper…Continue Reading