Winter Storm 2005

[subtle sarcasm ahead] We’ve made it through the Winter Storm 2005 event, as the news likes to call it. The torrential downpour of ice and slush coated everything with a half inch of glassy ice. Quite pretty, though worthless to drive on. My vehicle is front-wheel drive, so it’s rendered useless in the great Georgian Highway Icecapades. It’s considerably more fun to have rear-wheel drive for maximum fish-tailing. As it happens, we decided to spend much of Saturday at home while the weather persisted. By Saturday evening it had started raining, so we took a trip to the grocery store and picked up some things for dinner and breakfast the next morning (we eat out mostly, so we rarely stock groceries – in fact, we once went several weeks without a refrigerator with no major upset). The roads weren’t too bad, though many people opted to drive like morons resulting in ditch-divers anyway. As of Sunday, the weather climbed to 40°F in typical southeastern U.S. fashion. A co-worker lost power over the weekend and has contracted a minor cold as a result of her 30°F-40°F habitat. No fireplace, no gas heat. Bummer.

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  1. Yeah..OK…so I have nothing to do this afternoon. I decided to visit and lend my quasi-right wing opion to things.

    Being a “Yankee” by birth and “Redneck” by choice (Go NASCAR!), I’m familiar with the snow and ice driving thing. I decided not to brave the slick road of Duluth, not because I’m not capable of it, but rather to avoid the countless morons who shouldn’t be driving in good weather. I like my car and would rather not have to do any major body work to it.

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