It's like family, only weirder…

Bush/Kerry Political Debate

I’m not a politically motivated (I’m demotivated, actually) person, generally speaking. I can’t really tell you honestly on which party my loyalty falls. I don’t know. Despite my existence as a mugwump, I did watch the debate tonight. I use watch loosely as I actually did some of it with…Continue Reading

Coffee Snobs, Unite!

So I’ll admit that I’m a coffee snob. I don’t drink the sludge that work provides; no, I must have my own special coffee. From my special brewer. At my special desk. It’s just that I’ve come to be a connoisseur (I fully grasp the meaning of the French word)…Continue Reading

A Digitally Revolutionized Legacy

In association to an article at, I was reminded of a topic I’ve brought up before (with little success in exciting anyone). We’re beginning a new era of the “Digitally Revolutionized Legacy,” but it’s not us – Generation X – as first thought. No, the new era starts with…Continue Reading

Win XP Starter Edition Images informs us of a new edition of Windows XP (though I’m certain there were other more official sources), the Starter Edition (SE). SE is an ambiguous cloud of hype that many industries implore. It could be anything from “Second Edition” to “Special Edition” or “Sales Executive.” By maintaining the…Continue Reading

Rhythm Downtown

Yet another successful night of drumming on the square in Gainesville. We had a great crowd tonight, and continued to see new people right up until we left. As my friend, David, pointed out, I have been up now for 19 hours. He wasn’t too sure that I’d have the…Continue Reading

The Device that Rocks the Cradle

Gary Cho invented the “Caring Cot” that potentially allows parents to get the entire night’s sleep. As a relatively new parent myself, the concept of more than a few hours of sleep at a time was just inconceivable for the first several months. We’ve gotten a little better at ignoring…Continue Reading

Dynamic Header @

I’m deeply inspired by the efforts of Dunstan Orchard and friends in the development of a dynamic banner on his webpage. A friend of mine, Sean, pointed this site out to me. You just simply have to read the description, but here’s an excerpt: The sheep alternate their positions every…Continue Reading

Mashed Potatoes and Crayons

Tonight we took Balthazar to Chili’s for dinner. They have a grilled cheese sandwhich and mashed potatoes that he seems to really enjoy. He has two ear infections [again] so it’s been hit or miss as to whether or not he would eat and/or stand for us eating. I walked…Continue Reading

The Epitome of Disgusting Males

We traveled out to my mom’s place, Dancing Goat’s Farm, for the day. There we visited with her and my grandmother and her sister. They’re “refugees of Hurricane Ivan” as Gwen (my grand aunt) put it. At any rate, my mom enlightened us to the behavior of a male goat…Continue Reading