The Device that Rocks the Cradle

Gary Cho invented the “Caring Cot” that potentially allows parents to get the entire night’s sleep. As a relatively new parent myself, the concept of more than a few hours of sleep at a time was just inconceivable for the first several months. We’ve gotten a little better at ignoring the minor sounds of a sleeping baby now, but we occasionally do wake up and go to the rescue of a soundly sleeping baby. Those other parents out there know very well the anxiety every little sound creates in your spine that cannot be resisted. Cho developed an innovative way to solve this problem by adjusting the concept of the cot as we know it. Incidentally, Cho also changed the rocker in our minds as well. The Caring Cot is fitted with a variety of sensors measuring decibels, temperature, movement, and ambient air temperature to name the primary ones. The beauty of this is that, for one, you may rest easy knowing that early warning signs of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can trigger an alarm at your bedside. In addition to this more critical function, the amazing cot can also gently *rock* your baby back to sleep if he/she should begin crying. The decibel sensor picks up the crying and after some number of seconds, begins to shake the baby vigorously (just kidding…but wouldn’t that be a bad malfunction). The rocking motion that this cradle produces is actually a vertical pattern; more akin to the way in which you would rock a baby while walking I presume. This has been proven to be more capable in comforting a baby than the traditional, horizontal pattern.

This is just another innovative product that confirms present day babies are for more complex than those of yesteryear. Babies today also apparently have a much more sophisticated view on fashion and the like. This may be morbid, but perhaps the failures in early childhood are nature’s struggling efforts at population control. We’re certainly not letting the old go, and now we’re ensuring that all babies fulfill their destiny (or ours). Regardless of our headless existence, I can really appreciate the Caring Cot. Now if only there was something for the angst brought by teenage children, we parents could sit back and relax.

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