Pensacola Beach, Florida

It’s been over two years now and Pensacola Beach is still under recovery from it’s battle with the hurricane season. It seems an impossible task for the victims of Katrina to repair so readily from their disaster. Now that the Gulf on this side has undergone a great amount of repairs, the final tasks are… Continue reading Pensacola Beach, Florida

Drum-Filled Weekends

As I’ve said before, October is a busy month for the Gradin household. This year, drumming events take a great deal of our time in the fall. On Friday, Alchemy Drumming and Dance put together a drum circle for the Georgia Theater Conference at Brenau and on the square. We were asked to come in… Continue reading Drum-Filled Weekends


I’ve been distracted lately by the more serious things in life, including work. It has drawn some pretty large gaps in my blog as of late, but I promise I’ll get back to things soon. Perhaps I may even talk about what has been so important as to have ignored this wonderful outlet.

To Err is Human

Something I’ve never seen out of SQL Server 2000 before. Purely an oversight on Microsoft’s part, I’m sure. Incidentally, the answer to this message is most likely “No.” All ur base r belong to us!!!1!

Ring in the Fall Season

Quite a bit of drumming this month so far. This past weekend I did two engagements; one for Art on the Square on the Gainesville, GA downtown square, and another at Gainesville’s Harvest of Hope celebration for 2005. Art on the Square is an art show held annually at this time of year for the… Continue reading Ring in the Fall Season