First Impressions

My efforts to stay awake and finish my presentation Monday night were thwarted by constant head-nodding. Eventually, I gave up – my copy and paste actions were getting depressingly sloppy – and went to bed. I assumed that by getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I could wake up early and finish the slide… Continue reading First Impressions

Late Night

Not that it is, nor would it be if I would just stay on task, but tonight will probably be a late night. I’m working on some last minute preparations for a presentation I’m giving on a whole host of Microsoft products and solutions tomorrow morning. I haven’t gotten the time to work on it… Continue reading Late Night

Orion’s Omen

This evening we’ve undergone a great storm that swept rather hastily across north Georgia. I have attempted to take some brilliant pictures, but they’re probably all blurry – we’ll see when I’m able to get the camera and its cable together. After the showers, the sky began showing little pockets of clear stars showing through… Continue reading Orion’s Omen

MadLib Biographies

My friend, Jason D., sent me a chain-letter to fill out and send to a million people for good luck or something. I am against such things, but I like Jason and wish to at least better his luck. Instead of emailing everyone with my MadLib biography, I chose to post it here on my… Continue reading MadLib Biographies

Unfair Freebies

At CheckFree, employees are given an awesome privilege of a reduced-price meal plan at the onsite cafeteria. The system works out to everyone’s favor, giving the company more productivity from employees and the employees have decent food, cheap. The problem comes in with contractors. Contractor’s are charged 250% the employee cafeteria price. I understand that… Continue reading Unfair Freebies

Kung-Fu Kids

Do you like Kung-Fu fighting? Everybody loves Kung-Fu fighting! These bookends are perfect for any bacehlor’s pad. I’m fortunate enough to have a wife that would probably really dig these.


Due to a privacy/confidentiality constraint, I’m not at liberty to discuss an event that occurred over the weekend. I will relate, however, a personal story. When I was 10, my brother took his own life. Henning, my brother, led a life directly opposite that of mine. That is, he was emotionally troubled and generally angry.… Continue reading Omega