Curtains for Bonny

Bonny, my `94 Pontiac Bonneville, finally kicked the bucket yesterday on my drive home. I’ve written about her recently – about an accident for which I still have not secured any funds for due to a State Patrol officer’s form-filling failure (damn you!). She was unable to deliver me home on this last trip; she… Continue reading Curtains for Bonny

Latest Reality Series Coming from Gov

As the latest Titan rocket launches into the atmosphere soon, the government’s plans of the greatest world-wide reality series near completion. If guesses are correct, this is part of the LACROSSE initiative that gives our government the ability to monitor pretty much the whole world, sub-terra and all. It allows them to see things down… Continue reading Latest Reality Series Coming from Gov

Tobin’s Last Movement

It’s been sometime since Dan Tobin’s last entry on The purpose of which, was to write a thought-provoking entry about Tobin’s #2’s for each day of a year. I think that maybe his fans are too critical in their judgment of this challenge. It’s not that Tobin must complete 365 entries to sign-off, but… Continue reading Tobin’s Last Movement

Yogurt, You Deceptive Wench

Why does my yogurt come with a clear-plastic, hard cover? Is there anyone out there that can’t actually finish their yogurt in one sitting? Is that the conspiracy behind the “yogurt is healthy” ad-campaigns? Yogurt is healthy if you finish it in two sittings. No one can actually eat the whole thing in one sitting.… Continue reading Yogurt, You Deceptive Wench

April Showers

They say April showers bring May flowers. In the case I witnessed this morning, the showers came in the form of snow and May’s flowers were a bit stunted. What kind of bizarre turn of events is this?!? Yesterday, Amy and I worked our booths at the “Art on the Square” festival in Gainesville. It… Continue reading April Showers

You’re Looking at a Flickr Pro User

Sean Williams benefitted from the awesome Flickr account updates, as he already has a Pro account. Because he’s a wonderful, caring friend (and not because he only knows two people on Flickr), he passed along a free Pro account sponsorship to me. Now I’m a Pro user like the…er…pro’s. I’m very thankful for the sponsorship,… Continue reading You’re Looking at a Flickr Pro User

The Vagina Monologues

My wife will be hosting The Vagina Monologues soon at her studio in downtown Gainesville. If you’re unfamiliar with the title, you’re living underneath a rock somewhere in a dark cave. The monologue started in the basement of the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York. Today, it has been put on by celebrities and colleges… Continue reading The Vagina Monologues

Para beber, horchata

QuikTrip owns me. They have taquitos that, while not really taquitos, are quite good for the price. Today I noticed they also carry horchata smoothies! QuikTrip is a great source for latin snacks. Thank God for the Mexicans!

Still Waiting for Adobe Reader to Load?

For all of you that have asked, here’s a link on how you make Adobe’s Reader 7.0 load faster: Jonathan Hardwick: How to make Adobe Reader 7.0 load faster He’s a done an excellent job of explaining the process, but I’ll summarize for you here. Adobe Reader 7.0 Optimizer Edit –> Preferences General: Disable “Automatically… Continue reading Still Waiting for Adobe Reader to Load?