Yogurt, You Deceptive Wench

Why does my yogurt come with a clear-plastic, hard cover? Is there anyone out there that can’t actually finish their yogurt in one sitting? Is that the conspiracy behind the “yogurt is healthy” ad-campaigns? Yogurt is healthy if you finish it in two sittings. No one can actually eat the whole thing in one sitting. I’m so stuffed, I couldn’t eat another bite! I mean, really! It says right on the side, “serving size: 1 container.” I have never resealed my single-serving yogurt to finish at another time. Even if I did, I would just lay the foil cover back over the snack to finish shortly. What’s worse is that they now have (mostly) diet varieties of yogurt. Didn’t we already cover this? Yogurt is supposed to be healthy! But no, you have to encourage me to eat fat-free yogurt and sugar-free yogurt. It used to be “fruit-on-the-bottom” or pre-mixed. Those were choices I could live with. What has this world come to?!?


  1. I ususally get the yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Here is why, all the sugar and syrup is at the bottom, I like all the flavoring and the yogurt but I do not enjoy the sugar overload, this works fine for me. I’ve also tried to figure out if its just me or if other people do it as well and several people do it at work, so I dont feel that weird 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you used the word ” wench”. I don’t think I’ve eaten yougurt in years… I can’t remember if I like it or not.

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