We ate at Sonic last night and when Amy asked me what I would like, I sang it to her. I ordered the heart-attack, “tots with the chil-li, cheese, and jal-la-la-peño-oh-ooh!.” You get the idea. At any rate, it finally came down to her ordering. As she did, I continued to sing (quietly) my order so as not to have her forget it. As such, Amy was not able to complete the order and instead heaved from laughter into the microphone while trying to regain her dignity. The lady in the Sonic finally asked her if she would like to press the button again when she was ready. I couldn’t stop laughing and nearly died of suffocation from it. So now the Sonic thinks Amy was high and had a case of the munchies. It’s even better that she later attempted to order a milk shake and failed to do so with solid composure. I said nothing this time, but she still went into violent fits of laughter while she ordered. This was better even than the time I ordered a “Frosty Dairy Dessert” from Wendy’s. Check it out sometime – they’re really called that on the menu.


  1. hah. That’s awesome. I miss those times with Amy when pure sillieness was an often occurance. I’m sure they’ll be back one day.

  2. Hah.. I’ve definately had some experiences like that.But , well , you know some of my past. All I can say is that it’s great to be able to enjoy times like that without actually being high or whatever.

  3. Im sure the fast food business sees their fair share of people whom they thik are fools. I’ve ordered and not had my wallet so many times, its embarassing. I’ve also pulled in and ordered a taco at Pizza Hut thinking it was Taco Bell… Fools I tell you

  4. Okay, I don’t usually comment on this blog, however, I must set the record straight. You were not singing quietly to yourself while I was trying to order. Your eardrum splitting falsetto was clearly heard by the lady in the Sonic as well as the other mild-mannered patrons trying to eat. (“Cheese tater tots with jalepenos” is not an appropriate topic for an impromptu operetta.) And the baby was cackling like a troll. Not only was I laughing like an freaking idiot, but for some reason, I felt I had to explain the reason for my lack of composure to the Sonic lady. As if all this weren’t bad enough, I was patronized by the Sonic lady as she said (in a very condescending tone I might add), “Why don’t you just push the red button again when you’re ready to order”. Oh god…she totally thought I was high.

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