April Showers

They say April showers bring May flowers. In the case I witnessed this morning, the showers came in the form of snow and May’s flowers were a bit stunted. What kind of bizarre turn of events is this?!? Yesterday, Amy and I worked our booths at the “Art on the Square” festival in Gainesville. It was very windy and chilly then too. It seemed all day as if it was going to rain, though it never did. Despite the weather, people came out in droves to see Lance Armstrong ride through on the Tour de Georgia. He made is appearance, signed autographs for a while, and then went on his merry way to the destination at Brass Town Bald. As it turns out, most people were there to see the bike races and left shortly thereafter. Even without the masses, we had a relatively good crowd for the entertainment my wife and I put on with some friends. She and her troupe did some belly dancing to the sounds of Alchemy’s drumming.

But back to this snow thing…it snowed in northeast Georgia this AM. There was no accumulation, but it is very cold. You can see from the picture shown above that it’s actually a very nice looking day complete with sunshine. They say in Georgia that if you don’t like the weather, stick around for a day.

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