It's like family, only weirder…

My Biography as a Dramedy

I often feel the sudden need to share some charming anecdote from my childhood with friends and family during story time. 'Charming,' apparently, is purely in the eye of the beholder because few can share this feeling with me. One particular story stands out in my head – I thought…Continue Reading

Rewarding Effort

Today was one of the toughest yet at Bonnaroo in the Build-a-Drum tent. I didn’t get as early a start as yesterday so I was stirred awake by the massive heat building up in my tent at around 8:30. Not much time spent at camp and we were all off…Continue Reading

Lessons from Bonnaroo

It’s my first Bonnaroo and indeed, my first multi-day music festival. As such, I can impart some wisdom to others in the same boat. Plan for showers. With 19+ hours of body sweat, festival funk, sunscreen, and bug spray, you better plan for some way to scrape the epidermal toxic…Continue Reading