Lessons from Bonnaroo

It’s my first Bonnaroo and indeed, my first multi-day music festival. As such, I can impart some wisdom to others in the same boat.

Plan for showers. With 19+ hours of body sweat, festival funk, sunscreen, and bug spray, you better plan for some way to scrape the epidermal toxic layer from your osmotic organ daily. if not, burn your clothes and the seats you ride home in.

Munchies. Have snacks at your disposal, if not full meal planning on your non-festival dime. I have spent $3.50 for each cup of coffee I’ve consumed. It’s good coffee, but maybe not twice as good as at the local Starbucks.

Wait until 2am to use the portable toilets. If you can’t avoid waste byproducts all together, you’re at least not going to want to eliminate them in a plastic poop furnace when it’s 7000 degrees inside.

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