Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

I just got back from the open drum circle we put on in downtown Gainesville. I can’t tell you how cool it was. Lot’s of people got involved, either just to listen or to actually get up there with us and play. We had a better turn-out than we expected. Hell, we half-expected to get… Continue reading Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

Drumming in Gainesville

I’ll be downtown this evening in Gainesville if you want to come by and hear some African-style rythyms. There will be at least four of us, but hopefully others as well playing. As always, the public is invited to sit and pound for a while.

365 Dumps

“It’s been a long time since my output has risen above sea level. This is the benchmark for me” This is probably one of the funnier blogs I’ve seen as of late. When you blog your daily movement, it seems like we’re all just full of crap.

DoJ Probes for Pirates

“‘The execution of today’s warrants disrupted an extensive peer-to-peer network suspected of enabling users to traffic illegally in music, films, software and published works,’ Attorney General John Ashcroft said in a statement. ‘The Department of Justice is committed to enforcing intellectual property laws, and we will pursue those who steal copyrighted materials even when they… Continue reading DoJ Probes for Pirates

Darren’s Laughable State of Personal Computing

“The computer industry’s track record is just shameful. In what other area of our consumer life would we accept ‘buggy’ products that only work some of the time? If your car (assuming it wasn’t a jalopy), tennis racket or can of Coke failed regularly, you’d be pretty upset. Yet, the software industry has failed to… Continue reading Darren’s Laughable State of Personal Computing

Praying Mantis

I find mantids throughout the garden this time of year. I found a particularly large one recently (see photo). They’re fascinating – I think they’re the only insect that can move their head independently from their body. I’m compelled to watch them closely, yet I succumb to spasmodic, violent thrashing if one should attack accidentally… Continue reading Praying Mantis

Satyr Costuming

Amy is working on a photography project for DragonCon 2004. I don’t want to give anything away before the gallery is opened, but I’ve provided some pictures of our costuming efforts on me. I tend to get dressed as a satyr with some frequency, so I’m getting used to it. Satyr – Wikipedia, the free… Continue reading Satyr Costuming

Queer Vampire – Vampires and AIDS

A question came up between friends recently on the topic of AIDS and vampires. For each of the four of us, we all had slightly differing opinons. The four answers were: Ed: The vampire contracts AIDS and dies after getting its first illness *CORRECTION* Ed thought that the vampire would get a cold, but recover… Continue reading Queer Vampire – Vampires and AIDS