Queer Vampire – Vampires and AIDS

A question came up between friends recently on the topic of AIDS and vampires. For each of the four of us, we all had slightly differing opinons. The four answers were:

  1. Ed: The vampire contracts AIDS and dies after getting its first illness *CORRECTION* Ed thought that the vampire would get a cold, but recover like anyone else
  2. Dan: The vampire is immortal, never dying, and lives out its undead life with nasty colds, flu’s, et al
  3. Amy: Nothing happens to the vampire, whatsoever
  4. Me: The vampire has no immune system and does not contract any effect from AIDS, but is now a carrier for AIDS and gives it to any non-fatal victims

I located the referenced article on the Internet to further explain this quandry.

“HIV can only live for 30 minutes at temperatures of 132.8°F (56°C), but it can live for 7-10 days at 39°F (4°C). However, at this temperature the virus requires proper concentrations of proteins to protect the virus from temperatures in this range, which are unlikely to exist in the average chilly vampire.”

I stand by my consideration for the AIDS virus being carried by the vampire. Since the vampiric reaction to a body is to mutate and sustain the body through death, I’m pretty sure it would do something of the same to the AIDS virus. AIDS is now immortal within its vampiric host and its [short] lived victims.


  1. had a conversation with my boyfriend about this after coming across it looking for satyr stuff (it’s sculpture time in my life) and we figured that even though he carries it it wouldn’t really matter. in the words of Laurie “it’s like if jack the ripper didn’t sterilise his slashing knife”

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