DoJ Probes for Pirates

“‘The execution of today’s warrants disrupted an extensive peer-to-peer network suspected of enabling users to traffic illegally in music, films, software and published works,’ Attorney General John Ashcroft said in a statement. ‘The Department of Justice is committed to enforcing intellectual property laws, and we will pursue those who steal copyrighted materials even when they try to hide behind the false anonymity of peer-to-peer networks.'”

If the DoJ is attempting to further spurn the economy by scaring folks into legally attaining inessential goods, they might be surprised by the ultimate effect. On the other hand, perhaps they’re interested in updated budgets for detention institutions. By getting a lot of white collar cybercriminals queued into system, they can build newer, high-tech prisons. If they get all the P2P’ers locked up, maybe an interesting blog will show up from those on the inside.

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