It’s Official, Bonnaroo is a Go

I hadn’t talked much about this to anyone yet because I wanted to get verification that I was actually going. I didn’t really believe it myself – still don’t in a way, but only because I don’t have tickets in my hands. My first trip ever to Bonnaroo will be to work with Stan Secrest in his efforts to run an event-long drum building workshop for the masses. Hundreds of people will be building drums with Stan and thousands will be passing by us daily. I will be on task to assist with finishing the drums (string tightening, for instance) and drum circle facilitation. We may or may not take the stage and conduct an official drum circle at the ‘roo, but I’ll definitely be putting together some jams at Stan’s tent nightly. From what I understand from Stan and some of the people that have worked for him in the year’s past, it’s going to be an insane amount of work. I fully expect to ruin my hands for any sort of intricate handling of things to come.

A co-worker put together a great list of must-sees while I’m there. I doubt I’ll be able to do the list justice, but it’s really great to have a guide of what may be some of the finer acts to see at a live venue like this. If nothing else, I look forward to hearing the sets throughout the day while I work. There will be some bands I can see into the night, though based on the bit about hard work (and heat), I may just be crashing.

It’s going to be very difficult on my wife while I’m out. She’ll have to manage the two kids, and I know that’s no easy task! She is, however, supportive of me going and really thinks that it’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. It should do a lot to help me in my task of building a more substantial drum circle group in my own community, and push my skills as a facilitator. Who knows, I may run across people from my area that can help me out back home!

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  1. Don’t fret, we’ll provide “back up” (mental and heavy lifting as necessary) for your little lady whilst you are away…

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