Zork Returns

Some of you may recall the classic text adventure game of Zork. It died out long ago – around the time of the BBS’ demise, though I played them for a bit afterward. Well now we can relive the golden years of “Internet” gaming. Legends of Zork have been reenvisioned by Jolt Online Gaming. It’s a marvelous piece of work and continues to get better through weekly updates. The game is free to play, but there are ways in which Jolt can make some cash on their efforts too. You spend a little cash and you get a sort in-game money that you can use for bonuses (only available to those who spend cash). It’s an ingenious model and I’ve contributed a little to their coffers. They also spun up Utopia Kingdoms recently which is quite different and possibly a little more engaging. The cash model is the same, however, and still a good one. I haven’t contributed to this one yet as I’ve only just learned how to play…thanks to Sean. It takes a few more brain clicks to comprehend Utopi Kingdoms than what it took to get into Zork wholeheartedly.

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