A Week in Las Vegas

I’ve just recently returned from the Microsoft Management Summit 2009 in Las Vegas. It was my first time to this convention and my second trip to Vegas. I also stayed in the same hotel as for the VMWorld 2008 convention back in September, the Venetian. I had a good time, but not too good of a time, if you know what I mean. It’s Sin City and what happens in Vegas comes back to haunt you later as a periodic festering outbreak. Or at least so you should assume. Vegas is home to more hookers than I could have imagined. I wouldn’t have been surprised in the end to have found them hanging out in the MMS conference, listening to lectures.

I learned a lot about hookers on this trip. It is important to play the “spot the hooker” game to avoid any unwanted attention. They’re not the shy type. I also learned a lot about System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager. I have pages and pages of notes to review over the next couple of weeks…about the technologies, not the hookers.

A new friend of mine noted, with surprising lucidity despite his inebriation, that Las Vegas was a fake place filled entirely with fake people. People come to Vegas to be someone they aren’t. To maintain my preservation of self, I did things that only I would do. I sought out a percussion lesson (hoping for a drum circle) and sat in on a Brazilian conga class with Thamar Vijent, a former djembe player for Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” show. It was a fantastic opportunity, though only the one day and disappointing for that reason alone. I also took a 2-mile+ jog (which I had to take in segments) down Las Vegas Boulevard at a late hour. I ran the gauntlet from the Luxor back to the Venetian. It was an interesting experience made difficult by the groups of “working girls” looking to close some deals. The vertically-challenged drunks were easy targets. I don’t have to be fast, just faster than you! I got called a ‘cracker’ near the end, so I didn’t go completely unnoticed.

I didn’t get many pictures – hardly any, in fact. I had already shot some nice ones on my previous trip, and I didn’t really see anything new. Perhaps I just wasn’t as inspired by the audacity of the city as I was the first time. I also didn’t lose much money. More than last time, but I’m still no gambler! I did, however, get robbed on water. Bars will charge you as much as $7.00 for a small bottle of water. It’s cheaper than beer, but it should’ve been free.

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