Para beber, horchata

QuikTrip owns me. They have taquitos that, while not really taquitos, are quite good for the price. Today I noticed they also carry horchata smoothies! QuikTrip is a great source for latin snacks. Thank God for the Mexicans!


  1. Are they vegitarian friendly?It sucks because usually most places that have great things like that tend to smother it with nasty dead cow or chicken. I thank god for Taco Smell for the bean chalupa wich is also an item that is totally nothing like a real chalupa…but it’s good. 711 is also a great place for deals like such at QT.Is there even a 711 in GA though?

  2. Thought youd find this useful:

    Horchata remains a very popular and refreshing summer drink in the region of Valencia.


    1 kg chufas
    1 kg Sugar
    5 liters of Water
    1 Cinamon stick

    1. Clean the chufas very well, rinsing them in clean water.
    2. When they are completely clean, set them to seak in a lot of cold water for 12 to 14 hours.
    3. After this time, rinse the chufa again in clean water, changing the water until it is completely clear, then drain off all the water.
    4. Mash the chufa or put them in a blender – to make them into a soft paste. Add a little water if needed.
    5. Add the 5 liters of water to the paste that you have made and put in the cinnamon stick. Let it sit in a cool place (like a fridge) for 2 hours.
    6. Add the sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
    7. Now, pass the mix through a metal mesh filter, and then through a wet, damp fine-cloth filter repeat until the strained liquid does not have any large particles left.
    8. You now have a fine, milky liguid that can be placed in the fridge to be served cold.
    9. You can also serve the Horchata in slushy form as you would ice-cream. Simply put it in the freezer, stirring occasionaly so it does not freeze solid.

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