Still Waiting for Adobe Reader to Load?

For all of you that have asked, here’s a link on how you make Adobe’s Reader 7.0 load faster:

Jonathan Hardwick: How to make Adobe Reader 7.0 load faster

He’s a done an excellent job of explaining the process, but I’ll summarize for you here.

Adobe Reader 7.0 Optimizer

  1. Edit –> Preferences
    • General: Disable “Automatically save document changes”
    • Internet: Disable everything
    • Page Display: Enable “CoolType”
    • Search: Disable “Enable fast find”
    • Startup: Disable “Show messages and automatically update” (probably your biggest speed problem)
  2. View –> Toolbars
    • Disable “Rotate View”
    • Disable “Search the internet”
    • You may also enable the buttons in “Show button labels” unless you already know what they mean
  3. Move all the .api files from Acrobat’s plugins folder to another folder (possible plugins_disabled), except for AcroForm.api and EScript.api. If you’re partial to searching PDF’s, you will also want to leave Search.api in its place.
  4. Remove the Startup utility, Adobe Reader Speed Launch

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