First Impressions

My efforts to stay awake and finish my presentation Monday night were thwarted by constant head-nodding. Eventually, I gave up – my copy and paste actions were getting depressingly sloppy – and went to bed. I assumed that by getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I could wake up early and finish the slide show. To my dismay, my 2-year-old chose not to sleep soundly for the remainder of the night. It was at 4:22am that I went in to consoul him (read: stick pacifier in his mouth). He was laying uncovered in his bed wth his arms folded behind his head, knees up, eyes open, and wah’ing into the dark. Calming him took mere seconds, and I was back in bed asleep in under a minute. Despite my ability to get back to sleep quickly, I find that the effects of a crying baby in the house are noticeable to all parties, even if not recognized at the time. I slept through my alarm’s incessent beeping for whatever duration it complains. That was at 5:00am. My presentation would be at 9:00am, though I wanted to be there by 8:30am for adequate setup time. Having slept through the alarm, I finally awoke (with my wife’s helpful poking) at 8:14am. Perfect! That gives me 16 minutes to shower, dress, finish my slide show, practice lip-drills, make coffee, drink coffee, make more coffee, get stuff together, and finally drive an hour to get to work. Unfortunately, my powers of time travel are stifled when carrying non-organic items. Needless to say, I was late for my own presentation. Otherwise, the thing went okay. I had a couple of slides out of order, but nothing major. I had enough material to go four hours before I was out. At that point, they were released from my care to go about other visitor business. I was supposed to take the whole day, but I just didn’t have that much to cover. I haven’t presented in a while, so maybe now I won’t be asked to again.

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