Pensacola Beach, Florida

It’s been over two years now and Pensacola Beach is still under recovery from it’s battle with the hurricane season. It seems an impossible task for the victims of Katrina to repair so readily from their disaster. Now that the Gulf on this side has undergone a great amount of repairs, the final tasks are further from reach than ever. It’s the 80/20 rule in effect. The last 20% of the work is going to take 80% of the time. From what I understand, many of the contractors working around here are working on time and materials only. As such, their cost is driven ever higher by the actual length of the contract. That’s going to break the bank on some of these businesses. The projects are so massive in scale that it’s impossible to govern them adequately on this kind of contract. The contracts should have been broken up into phases to determine specific time-frames and costs to get some hard results. We’ll all be watching New Orleans to see how their repair efforts commence in the coming years. Perhaps they’ve learned lessons from Florida on how to take care of this aftermath properly.

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