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The Bungie team is making headway on their project to create Halo, the movie. To make an awesome start, they got Peter Jackson to direct produce the film. They also have WETA doing their digital work and weapons/armor. I’m thrilled that they’ve made such great moves towards the success of this film. Because I know Halo, and I’m sure Mr. Jackson does now too, I’m guessing he’s interested in the long haul of the film. There could easily be a trilogy to it if it’s put together well. Game-to-Movie projects just need to keep in mind that we’re not expecting “game-play” in our movies. I like to see games take life, but I don’t need to relive my gaming experience in a 2-hour synopsis. There have been very few examples of well-made game-to-movies, so I hope Peter Jackson can pull this off.

In other news, Blizzard is making good progress on their expansion pack for World of Warcraft, “Burning Crusade.” Blood Elves are the only race we know of being added, but there will be others. Lots of new lands to explore and a higher maximum level of 70. That puts me even further away from reaching the top, but steady wins the race as I’ve heard. Despite the fact that I’m only a level 31 now, I will still buy the expansion pack so I can make use of the new toys. In all hopes, there will also be new lower-level quests (as I’m sure new races will demand) that I can play.


  1. Actually, Peter Jackson is just the executive producer, which is a token role at best, they will just use his name to get backing and he’ll have little to no creative control over the project really…

    and that makes me sad

  2. If you really like Halo, and the story, then I highly recommend the trilogy of books. They are the “official” storyline as far as I know.

    The first book is really good. It covers the story about how the Master Chief came to be, actually how all the [i forgot the name of them now] came to be. Amazing story…

    The second book is almost word for word from the first Halo game. I found it to be a pretty boring read to be honest. It filled in some story line that was never mentioned in the game, but if you don’t like to read… skip this one.

    The third book is as good as the first. The story picks up from the end of the first Halo game and fills in the storyline between Halo and just before Halo 2.

    I’m guessing we’ll see a Halo 2 book, and probably some more content after that assuming a Halo 3 is on the way.

    Also, for a good reading tip, check out the World of Warcraft books. There are six of them out now I think… and all of them are very very good.

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