Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Zero-G is the first company to offer a 0-gravity experience to non-astronauts. I don’t know that that is such a good idea, but I’m all for it personally. The company is on a tour where they’ll offer these flights for about $3,000.00 in airports such as L.A., New York, and Atlanta. The package cost gets… Continue reading Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Map of Springfield

Slashdot introduced me to this “obsessively detailed map of Springfield” this morning. I rather like the town’s layout. The obvious next move is to build the city in your favorite Sim of choice (e.g. SimCity). Bonus points for anyone that can do it in Rise of Nations. While this covers the Simpson’s, I’m hoping that… Continue reading Map of Springfield

Word of the Day

I came across this word at (oddly enough) a site on CSS and web design. I think I shall begin to use this word with some frequency! Thanks, Sweden, for your herring and Euro-slang.

Navistar CXT Eats Hummer for Breakfast

In a ridiculous release today at, Navistar talks about the new CXT truck available to the l33t and rich. The CXT is a staggering 9′ tall and a few inches longer than Ford’s F-350. At 7 tons, it’s also averaging a meager 6 to 10 mpg. While diesel is cheaper, I’m betting you won’t… Continue reading Navistar CXT Eats Hummer for Breakfast

Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

I’m just getting home from our session on the square this evening. Balthazar (who’s 1.5 years old as of this writing), insisted on staying up the entire time. Last time he fell out after a couple of hours. This time he remained pretty lively – though walking like a drunk – and he played drums… Continue reading Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

The Hive Group’s Google Search

The Hive Group has created an excellent display of their technology. They’ve integrated their incredible data array handling with Google’s search technology. Together, you get exhaustive searches displayed reasonably (and variably) on one screen. No need to click through multiple pages of Google results!

Algal Blooms for your Spring Decorating Tips

From a product I viewed (MoCoLoco: Algue) recently, home decor takes an organic leap forward. The product is one of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s designs. The Bouroullec’s are brothers in the modern art industry. Some of their material is on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art, and their resumes continue to impress.… Continue reading Algal Blooms for your Spring Decorating Tips

Bathroom Etiquette

This should probably be a meme if it isn’t already (note to self…). I have a list of things I would like to post in regards to bathroom etiquette. Please follow these simple guidelines when in my presence. *Do NOT* talk to me whilst I piddle or poo. Talking to me during a piddle is… Continue reading Bathroom Etiquette

Missile balloons!

Engadget – This distinctly reminds me of an old bumper sticker of mine. It read, “Legalize Vehicular Weaponry.” I’m pretty much a firm believer in this as; a) I drive very well with more courtesy than many, and b) I play games that give me experience in this sort of thing – if you… Continue reading Missile balloons!