Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Zero-G is the first company to offer a 0-gravity experience to non-astronauts. I don’t know that that is such a good idea, but I’m all for it personally. The company is on a tour where they’ll offer these flights for about $3,000.00 in airports such as L.A., New York, and Atlanta. The package cost gets you a full day with a veteran astronaut (so you can ask dumb questions), and several gravity reductions on it’s way to and from 0 G’s. The flight takes place in a modified Boeing 727 and takes a parabolic path through the air. It is the “upswing” that gives the riders 0 G’s for approximately 30 seconds. That’s more than enough time to free-spin, puke, and hurl out of control into it. As a martyr for the cause (hopefully not, but just in case), I’m willing to take the Atlanta flight. There’s the matter of cost, which I will accept in the way of donations. Contact me if you wish to put me in 0 G’s. If this works out, I’m going to create banners and such to get me on Mars. Donations may be sent to the “Put Olaf in Space” campaign.

Put Olaf in Space (back with his family)!
Zero-G: Photo/Video Gallery

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