Coffee Snobs, Unite!

So I’ll admit that I’m a coffee snob. I don’t drink the sludge that work provides; no, I must have my own special coffee. From my special brewer. At my special desk. It’s just that I’ve come to be a connoisseur (I fully grasp the meaning of the French word) of this fine drink. I have a friend, Shan, in India right now. There he has one goal, and that is to seek out coffee from the Mysore district. If he is unable to find Mysore beans (I have no idea the availability in his district), then he is to find pretty much anything else. The goal here is to receive coffee direct from its mother land. I’ve received coffees from Hawaii and Jamaica as well. If you’re in a foreign country (preferrably one that hosts a unique coffee) right now and are returning to the states sometime within my lifetime, let’s get in touch. I’d love to arrange the transportation of the aformentioned goods.

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