Mashed Potatoes and Crayons

Tonight we took Balthazar to Chili’s for dinner. They have a grilled cheese sandwhich and mashed potatoes that he seems to really enjoy. He has two ear infections [again] so it’s been hit or miss as to whether or not he would eat and/or stand for us eating. I walked him in and out of Chili’s while we waited for food, which did very well in entertaining him. By the time the food did come, he was ready to eat. After devouring the grilled cheese, he began taking some interest in the mashed potatoes. Rather than sticking his fork repetitively into the potatoes and smearing them all across the table as usual, he opted for a new approach. Balthazar began coating crayons with delicious smashed potatoes and sucking them clean. He likes to eat crayons, and he likes mashed potatoes okay – this was satisfying combination in our mind, so we let it continue until he finally tired of the game and began throwing things (potato gobs).

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