Industrial Waste

My friend, Sean, writes today about the sludge they call coffee at his office. From some previous posts, you may recognize me as a connoisseur of sorts in the coffee realm. I loathe nasty coffee because it’s such a bad example to the bean. The worst ever was the muddy water vending machine at a job I had with a newspaper. For $0.25, you could get the most vile, tin-tainted, gym sock soup with cream. A runner-up was at a video production facility. Those guys thought the coffee would be stronger (ergo better) if they doubled the pre-metered packet in the brewer. The resulting oil slick coated the inside of a Styrofoam cup with a slimy residue resembling chili runoff. I can’t imagine what it did to my intestines.


  1. For Christmas every year, mom gathers stuff from all corners of the earth for our stockings. This year, one of the things she put in there was some St Ives coffee samplers.

    Is the St Ives we used to hang out at part of the St Ives coffee distributor? Anyhow, I need to get some more of that coffee, it was REALLY good.

  2. I went to the St. Ives in G-ville a few times when I was there and I must say it was rather good , I drank it black and loved it. To me it depends on the time of day and the company I’m in as to what type of coffee I want. Lately I’ve enjoyed mixing chai powdered mix into some Gevalia. It’s actually not that good because the Gevalia is cinnimon flavored so there’s an end result of like way too much cinnimon. But for some reason I still drink it. If it weren’t for the cinnimon it would be fantastic. I know I don’t make much sense but hey I’m like that…Just ask Fox.

  3. I’m a fond supporter of Gevalia as well. I’ve been a member several times and received many a fine, free item from them. You’re most likely drinking Gevalia’s Traditional or Stockholm Roast. They actually ship many different coffees and blends. If you want to try some something really good, get some Café Glockenspiel and Antico Caffé Greco. Those are two of my favorites from Gevalia.

  4. St. Ives has transformed from our days in school. They’re now mostly coffee distributors. The St. Ives coffee house with the roaster in the lobby is now something else. The roaster was moved out to their roasting facility and ownership of the entire enterprise has changed hands three times. Despite all that, their coffee continues to be quite tastey. Now, I look to local café’s for that freshly brewed goodness.

    You can get their coffee from grocery stores around here, café’s, and me.

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