I Eat Yellow Foods

It turns out that I really enjoy eating in mom & pop establishments. I sort of always knew that, but didn’t think about it much. They’re often times more expensive than bigger chains, but for what they lack in economy, they gain in service and dining pleasure. You also get a warm, fuzzy knowing that you’re helping to assist someone’s dreams of their own business. All-in-all, I generally approve of the higher prices and continue to support their efforts even if futile against big chains.

I ate today at Soca Caribbean Café. They have…er…Caribbean food. I ate several things I’ve never had before with some water, which I have had. I got a split-lentil soup (with loads of garlic), beef patty (bad name for a meat-filled pastry), and mango pie. As the owner said, “it’s just key-lime pie with mango purée substituted.” Good to know, as it’s delicious. The soup was served over rice – no real surprise there. If you’re in the Duluth/Norcross area, I recommend the place wholeheartedly.


  1. Hahaha… no, you just need to send stuff to the right place. Your best bet during the day is IM. Can’t you AOL IM from your phone? 🙂

  2. Just saw that you sent some text messages to my work phone about your lunch. 🙂 Haha… Four hours later. The only text messages I get on that phone are work related, and if I’m not on call, I delete them all without reading.

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