A Formal Apology

Sorry for all the potty humor as of late. It’s been readily available in my daily drudgery. I’ll try and filter the low-brow stuff to only the clever items.

Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day is: epiphenomenon An epiphenomenon is a secondary phenomenon that occurs as a result of another and remains a complice. In the blogging world, you might attribute the photo-blog as an epiphenomenon to the weblog itself.

MoTD, Courtesy Woot!

“Wooters tend to squeeze the shaft too hard causing permanent damage to the unit.” — Today’s Woot!

What Brought you Here?

I’ve just tabulated a list of terms people had hoped to learn more about by visiting my site. Here they are to further confuse those searching: “Navistar CXT” “naked men” “scrotal saftey commision” “missile balloons” “Gavin DeGraw” “Gradin” “Doonesberry” “scrotal saftey” It’s interesting to note that people were more interested in a “Scrotal Safety Commission”… Continue reading What Brought you Here?

Mucous /myoo’ kuss/

When I get a cold or severe allergy attacks, there is a sudden twinge inside one nostril that sets me off. I think it’s normally my right nostril, which effects my right eye and causes it to redden and weep. During the twinge, I’m super-susceptible to allergens and smells. The least little provocation and I’m… Continue reading Mucous /myoo’ kuss/

Same-Sex Marriage (Speaking of Faith)

I listened to “Speaking of Faith” this evening on NPR. The program was about same-sex marriages and the opinions of two Evangelical Christians. I was able to hear the first, Richard Mouw, before I retired from my car in the driveway. It was probably one of the best discussions I’ve heard of this nature. Mouw… Continue reading Same-Sex Marriage (Speaking of Faith)


I’m fairly certain I recall a movie (comedy, I’m guessing) in which the idea of Smell-O-Vision was rekindled. It was in the 80’s, I think. Anyone remember such a show? A quick search brought me the historical facts, which made me laugh. http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/spec/belknap/exhibit2002/smell.htm *UPDATE* My wife was able to tell me the reference came from… Continue reading Smell-O-Vision

Huygen’s Update

Despite recent exposure to a “communications glitch,” I am continually impressed by what we’re seeing from this latest celestial achievment. Getting images, let alone audio, from Titan is just awesome! Generically speaking, it’s just some rocks on dirt in a orangish environment. Could be mistaken for Mars under poor lighting conditions. However, seeing images from… Continue reading Huygen’s Update

Europe Unveils the Biggest SUV Ever

A new passenger jet, the SkyPig (a.k.a. Airbus A380), was debuted recently to the excitement of European engineers and pimps. The double-decker airliner can seat 555 passengers in all ranges of comfortable seating and has boogers bigger than the Boeing 747 (not really, though it does has a huge, bulbous nose-cone). There are ludicrous plans… Continue reading Europe Unveils the Biggest SUV Ever