It's like family, only weirder…

A Formal Apology

Sorry for all the potty humor as of late. It’s been readily available in my daily drudgery. I’ll try and filter the low-brow stuff to only the clever items.

Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day is: epiphenomenon An epiphenomenon is a secondary phenomenon that occurs as a result of another and remains a complice. In the blogging world, you might attribute the photo-blog as an epiphenomenon to the weblog itself.

What Brought you Here?

I’ve just tabulated a list of terms people had hoped to learn more about by visiting my site. Here they are to further confuse those searching: “Navistar CXT” “naked men” “scrotal saftey commision” “missile balloons” “Gavin DeGraw” “Gradin” “Doonesberry” “scrotal saftey” It’s interesting to note that people were more interested…Continue Reading

Bush Sandwich

After the inauguration of George Bush yesterday, little Bush is given some conciliatory attention following the rather exciting event. Originally uploaded by grovesa16.

Mucous /myoo’ kuss/

When I get a cold or severe allergy attacks, there is a sudden twinge inside one nostril that sets me off. I think it’s normally my right nostril, which effects my right eye and causes it to redden and weep. During the twinge, I’m super-susceptible to allergens and smells. The…Continue Reading

Same-Sex Marriage (Speaking of Faith)

I listened to “Speaking of Faith” this evening on NPR. The program was about same-sex marriages and the opinions of two Evangelical Christians. I was able to hear the first, Richard Mouw, before I retired from my car in the driveway. It was probably one of the best discussions I’ve…Continue Reading


I’m fairly certain I recall a movie (comedy, I’m guessing) in which the idea of Smell-O-Vision was rekindled. It was in the 80’s, I think. Anyone remember such a show? A quick search brought me the historical facts, which made me laugh. *UPDATE* My wife was able to tell…Continue Reading

Huygen’s Update

Despite recent exposure to a “communications glitch,” I am continually impressed by what we’re seeing from this latest celestial achievment. Getting images, let alone audio, from Titan is just awesome! Generically speaking, it’s just some rocks on dirt in a orangish environment. Could be mistaken for Mars under poor lighting…Continue Reading

Europe Unveils the Biggest SUV Ever

A new passenger jet, the SkyPig (a.k.a. Airbus A380), was debuted recently to the excitement of European engineers and pimps. The double-decker airliner can seat 555 passengers in all ranges of comfortable seating and has boogers bigger than the Boeing 747 (not really, though it does has a huge, bulbous…Continue Reading