What Brought you Here?

I’ve just tabulated a list of terms people had hoped to learn more about by visiting my site. Here they are to further confuse those searching:

  1. “Navistar CXT”
  2. “naked men”
  3. “scrotal saftey commision”
  4. “missile balloons”
  5. “Gavin DeGraw”
  6. “Gradin”
  7. “Doonesberry”
  8. “scrotal saftey”

It’s interesting to note that people were more interested in a “Scrotal Safety Commission” than actual scrotal safety. Job hunters, I guess.


  1. Well I mean ya know… Scrotal safety is definately important, and to me at least I mean naked men are interesting but seriuosly I just visit the site in hopes of seeing how everyone is and for the humor. Maybee you should start like a new section about those things though “THINGS YOU WANNA KNOW AND MAYBEE THINGS YOU REALLY DIDN’T”. I doubt you’d really enjoy it that much though-maybee I should do it one day?

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