Darwin’s Cheaters

Cheating in Halo 2 is now prolific on the XBOX Live service. I’ve been witness to it myself, but have not participated. In general, it doesn’t bother me as much as many of my compadres, but I am annoyed by the after-effects it has. The most prime example of exploit used is the “modem standbye”… Continue reading Darwin’s Cheaters

Men’s Penitentiary

Entering a small, well-lit room from the bottom of a stairwell today with four other buddies, we are greeted by an assortment of naked men occupying the 50 or so square feet. It’s dank in the close quarters and a general awkwardness overcomes us all. To combat this, we all decide to kid about men’s… Continue reading Men’s Penitentiary

Zen Potty

Anger is like poop; you hold it in for a time until you’re ready to burst, then you let it out for relief. I wonder how our friend, Dan Tobin, is doing.

Mr. Bean

I just received some coffee from India (southern India) from a friend, Shan N. It’s certainly bold! They’re apparently big into chicory over there. I’m enjoying the coffee, but it’s a bit much for my several-mugs-a-day habit.

2005 and All’s Well

In spite of the latest horrid events and natural disasters, the new year is here and appears to be sticking around for the moment. The sky over my head is blue and mostly cloudless; certainly a sign of serenity here. We celebrated with Gainesville’s First Night event on the downtown square. The weather has been… Continue reading 2005 and All’s Well