2005 and All’s Well

In spite of the latest horrid events and natural disasters, the new year is here and appears to be sticking around for the moment. The sky over my head is blue and mostly cloudless; certainly a sign of serenity here. We celebrated with Gainesville’s First Night event on the downtown square. The weather has been spectacular for this time of year, and we’ve seen the mid 60°’s F during the day for the past week. At night, it only gets into the high 40°’s F. My wife and her troupe danced the night away at the local convention center where we (the drummers) played for them. It was our first gig of this type and I think it went exceptionally well. The acoustics were better than I could have hoped for. Because of our position in the lobby, everyone who came to the event last night both saw and heard our works. The normal picture-takers were entertaining so we have a sparse few available. See them here.

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