Darwin’s Cheaters

Cheating in Halo 2 is now prolific on the XBOX Live service. I’ve been witness to it myself, but have not participated. In general, it doesn’t bother me as much as many of my compadres, but I am annoyed by the after-effects it has. The most prime example of exploit used is the “modem standbye” trick. This screws with the network timing and everyone sees a great deal of lag-related glitches. One of my more voiced friends on the matter has posted some cheaters to Bungie.net and the Live service’s feedback system (forum post).

If there’s competition, there are cheaters. In games such as this, there is nothing at stake; yet people still choose to cheat. It boggles my mind. I think that humans are less the social creatures we’re made out to be and more interested in simply, “survival of the fittest.” Cheating a process or competition at others’ detriment is surely a sign of selfish preservation.

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