Europe Unveils the Biggest SUV Ever

A new passenger jet, the SkyPig (a.k.a. Airbus A380), was debuted recently to the excitement of European engineers and pimps. The double-decker airliner can seat 555 passengers in all ranges of comfortable seating and has boogers bigger than the Boeing 747 (not really, though it does has a huge, bulbous nose-cone). There are ludicrous plans of accessorizing the dumbo-jet with casinos (is air space legal territory?), gyms, and Roman bath houses. It costs around $250 million, though spinner-rims and 21″ alloys are an additional cost.

It’ll be all the rage in airport “hubs” that can use them to condense passengers onto a single flight instead of those pesky multiple departure time plans in use now…Besides, what could be the harm of putting more passengers into the air at one time. I mean, it’s not like there are icebergs in the way like in that movie, “Titanic.” And that was just a movie anyway!

— completely made-up quote

In other news, Delta – a leading U.S. airline company – is bankrupt due to slackening sales and customer anxieties about flight safety..

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