Same-Sex Marriage (Speaking of Faith)

I listened to “Speaking of Faith” this evening on NPR. The program was about same-sex marriages and the opinions of two Evangelical Christians. I was able to hear the first, Richard Mouw, before I retired from my car in the driveway. It was probably one of the best discussions I’ve heard of this nature. Mouw presents a well thought-out argument against same-sex marriages. Although I’m strictly for marriages of any sort, I like a good debate as much as the next person. Something Mouw mentions in his discussion gets me thinking too. His opinions source from an interpretation of Romans (which I couldn’t begin to recite to you). There, I’m to understand, God relates the rules of matrimony to the reader and decrees that it is a holy union of man and woman. As Mouw continues, he grants that the interpretation of this passage could have been misinterpreted by the writer. God’s intent could have been an ambiguous one as to the sexual choice of married partners. Marriage is not about the sex between two, but rather the responsibility and commitment to each other.

As Mouw also states, a debate has not yet been approached that tackles the real issues at hand. Nobody has gotten to what they’re really afraid of or what the ultimate goal is. I can agree with those statements myself. I’m not sure what it would mean for our legal system to change these rules, but I’m sure that’s where the real hold-up is.

By the way – The Brick Testament will teach you everything you need to know about the Bible.


  1. I think that what Mouw was getting at was that people can’t put their defenses down long enough to really examine the argument. People’s reactions are purely religious and culuturally ingrained with this issue, so it’s difficult for anyone to think about what the real repercussions are. Legacies are not always upheld with the best of wisdom. Maybe it makes no difference at all, or maybe it makes all the difference. Unless people open their mind to the possibility, you can’t get a straight answer.

  2. Sweet.That would be great but it’ll be a while before that happens..You’re still the man with the video and she’s still the lady with the camera though.And don’t worry there will be nothing at all traditional about it other than two people who are commiting to eachother. It’ll be a handfasting. Peace and Love to all of you in the Gradin home….Blessed be!

  3. To each his own I guess but damned if I’m not getting married one day. I want lots of pictures of it and maybee even a video… Know anybody who’s good at stuff like that? 😉

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