Combining Cultures

This past week, Fiserv announced that it is acquiring CheckFree Corporation, the company I have worked for over the last few years. The news came as quite a shock to everyone I spoke to, though that doesn’t necessarily mean people fear the worst. It’s split pretty evenly between pessimists and optimists. I’m a pessimist, though… Continue reading Combining Cultures

If I Were a Drinker, I’d be Drunk Tonight

Tonight I’m going to Dan S.’s house for a party. All family members are invited, including the children, so I’m bringing Balthazar. It should be fun. Somewhat of a reunion for me, as it’s primarily exCon’s and Separatists (read: former ConAgra Foods Poultry Group and Pilgrim’s Pride employees). These are buddies from a previous job,… Continue reading If I Were a Drinker, I’d be Drunk Tonight

Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar

Today, there are at least four people that wish they had stayed in bed this morning. Three of them probably wished they were dead too. 5:00am came earlier than normal this morning when my alarm (cell phone) jolted me out of my comfortability. Last night, I joined three friends at Wild Wing Cafe in Suwanee… Continue reading Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar