Tastey Nuts

I’m a fan of the seed and nut family, as many can attest. I maintain a supply of them at my desk at work for the occasion of snacking, which comes regularly. There are also infinite jokes to be told that never get old: Hello everybody. I have brought my nuts for everybody to enjoy.… Continue reading Tastey Nuts

The Smell of Victory

Success comes in many forms and in some cases the mark of success isn’t always apparent to others. Most recently, the bowels of our home were home to some number of rodents – big ones. I don’t know how many, though I hope the number was three. I first knew we were in trouble when… Continue reading The Smell of Victory

Atlanta Photo Stroll 5

That’s “V” for you Romans. This stroll took place in Roswell around the Old Roswell Mill area. I think everyone had a good time, though there may have been a poison ivy victim. The place was crawling with various identifiable types of poison ivy. I have (so far) managed to avoid all contact with it,… Continue reading Atlanta Photo Stroll 5

Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar

Today, there are at least four people that wish they had stayed in bed this morning. Three of them probably wished they were dead too. 5:00am came earlier than normal this morning when my alarm (cell phone) jolted me out of my comfortability. Last night, I joined three friends at Wild Wing Cafe in Suwanee… Continue reading Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar