Atlanta Photo Stroll 5

That’s “V” for you Romans. This stroll took place in Roswell around the Old Roswell Mill area. I think everyone had a good time, though there may have been a poison ivy victim. The place was crawling with various identifiable types of poison ivy. I have (so far) managed to avoid all contact with it, though that’s pretty unusual. I did some tree climbing, which is generally my down-fall (heh). It was a very hot and muggy day – especially considering last week’s weather. Once we got to the dam, things cooled off a bit. The cool air coming off the 20ft or so of water falling felt very nice. The experience was well worth the heat, though I didn’t get a chance to get to know anyone. Amy, Sean, and I all skipped out before dinner to go see “Cinderella Man” – an excellent film. The photo group went on to eat at Dreamland’s BBQ and have an additional stroll later that evening. There are plenty of events coming in the near future, so I will get further chances to meet everyone.

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