Three leggèd dogs are klutzes. Not that I suppose I expected anything less, but Yang is a bumping noise attrocity at night. She bumps into things and knocks things over all over the house (including Balthazar). The hardest part for her is that she doesn’t seem to care about bumping into things. If knocking into walls actually bothered her, I suppose she’d develop some grace. As it is, she isn’t phased by much of anything. She is certainly getting stronger in the solo, rear leg. Now that the second phase of infection is over, she’s acting more and more like a puppy too. She does this interesting trick on the patio window where she jumps up on the window to indicate her distaste for being left on the porch. But she’s up on one leg, so I can’t help but think I might be able to teach her to “pogo” on it. I’ve also seen her jump from the one leg into the air. She doesn’t get very high, but she does get all her feet off the ground in doing so. I’d love her to develop a lot of strength in her hips to keep her from having problems with them later in life. I’ve been told to allow her to grow slowly because of her breed’s size. Their metabolism is supposed to be very slow, so she shouldn’t be fed high protein foods like puppy food. When big dogs grow too quickly, their joints and bones don’t firm up correctly and they can have bigger problems later in life. The same is true in humans too, though you typically only hear/see the results in extraordinarily tall people (i.e. the record holders).

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