Ex-Con’s Seen in Bar

Today, there are at least four people that wish they had stayed in bed this morning. Three of them probably wished they were dead too. 5:00am came earlier than normal this morning when my alarm (cell phone) jolted me out of my comfortability. Last night, I joined three friends at Wild Wing Cafe in Suwanee for old-times. Those of you who know me know that I don’t drink. Most of my other friends do, and the gang last night was no exception. From what I determined, people can drink a lot more than I knew without getting noticeably drunk. Ed was drunk though – no mistaking that. The get-together was fun and I anticipate another some time in the future. We’re all ex-Con’s (ConAgra Foods Poultry Group) employeees, so we sat around and yucked up the takeover progress by Pilgrim’s Pride. That’s the reason most of us (the sane ones) left in the first place. Hell, I turned down my handsome severance package to get into another job. Dan has some sort of loyalty hang-up (and an even more handsome severance package) detaining him from an early withdrawal. Ron and Ed actually made out like rabbits bandits, collecting a severance package and new jobs when asked to voluntarily quit. There were many of us that wished we had such easy terms. So our mini-reunion was held last night at a bar. Good times, bad music. Although I don’t have a poison per se, I did eat like a stoner at a buffet. I was eventually chastized for my intake and told to share the wings. It was late when I finally got to bed, but a worthwhile cause. I enjoyed the chat guys – let’s do it again.


  1. You guys are old and lame. I was sober as a priest last night. And if it’s past your bed time and you’re sleepy, don’t look to me to tuck you in next time. I was in to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, on time!

    Just kidding. It was fun. We’ll do it again soon.

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