Chicken Launcher

The party last night at Dan’s was fun. He had a good measure of food, which is always good for me. I spent much of the time grazing, though I was able to communicate rudimentarily between bites. Most of the people there were from Dan’s group of employees, though Ed, I, and Ron were not. Balthazar actually had a real good time. He found Dan’s younger daughter’s toys, which he delved into readily. That kept him rather busy for most of the time. Between the toys, mandarin oranges, and lil’ smokies, he seemed to enjoy himself. There were, of course, the people and associated attention to. The forecast called for ice and sleet that night, so the party disbanded around 9:30pm. I didn’t find much danger on the forty-minute drive home, though it had already started with the freezing rain. This morning, I find that the Winter Storm 2005 has hit and all of north Georgia is likely shutdown. I think there’s a half-inch of ice/snow/sleet on the ground. If any of you are familiar with the south and winter, you know that’s enough to send 3/4 of the people to local grocery stores for emergency supplies. Milk and eggs are key, for some reason.


  1. Great. I can see that show already: Sailing Three Sheets to the Wind with your Viking host, Olaf Gradin. See how Olaf and a mongrel bunch of fur-clad Viking warriors seek out to find new land, only to find themselves in the middle of New York City pillaging debtors. What’s in yer wallet?!?

  2. I’d rather see you do a woodworking show. Mongrel Vikings in New York won’t really stand out. The show can be called, “Getting Hammered”. Yeah..I know…good play on words!

  3. Ok this is is so not a reply to this entry but is one to December 27ths…OMG! You’re freakin’ amazing Olaf! I bet you got a big kiss for that in return right?…Well it made me cry (and snot) a lot…That’s it- One day you’re definately doing some video work for me if you’re up to it. You have a great talent in your films.
    Much respect here….-Jon

  4. One of these days, we need to get Olaf really hammered. Just to see what he would write the next day. Better yet…what he would write while intoxicated. I think we could pitch it to Comedy Central.

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