Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts

The new Industrial Revolution is coming! In the years to come (and it doesn’t sound far off from the article on, structures based on the moon and other planets will require a unique work aptitude. Many of the same skills will be necessary from our ‘trades’ crafts, though everything will be tweaked to function within the extraordinary situations these locations bring. It seems as though our pioneering spaceward will demand much the same group(s) of people that originally settled new lands on Earth. In a way, we’ll see history repeat itself in much the same way it occured hundreds of years ago. I, for one, hope that my family and I might be involved in this momentous task for the future.

“When we begin needing these skills and talents, those who have the training and the attitudes necessary for functioning out of Earth’s gravity and atmosphere with specialized tools will be in great demand, and their pay should reflect it.”

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