Hiding Spot #104

My wife, Amy, called today in a panic asking, “did you take off Balthazar’s shoes last night…where are they?” I realized that shoes would still be in my car, where he took them off himself yesterday evening. The problem is that all of Balthazar’s shoes went missing yesterday or the day before, and the only shoes we could find to put him in were his yellow rain boots. He likes them a great deal, so that’s easy. Today, we had to put our heads together to find the missing shoes because she needed to get him to daycare and I had no intention of driving an hour home from work to deliver the rain boots. Amy said she had checked all of Balthazar’s usual hiding places, with no success. I thought about where I had last seen his new shoes – on the floor in front of the TV. I said, “check behind the books in the entertainment center.” A few minutes later she called back to report she had found all of his shoes and the remote control for the TV. She said there were other things back there, but she didn’t have time to investigate yet. That’s one more hiding place to add to the “usual spots.”

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